Gym Manager


Introducing GYM Manager – Help your Gym Business to Grow.


Feature 1

Branches helps to keep the data of all branches

No matter how many branches you have, you can manage all the branches on this system easily.

1. Manage more than one branch.
2. Create branch incharge to maintain each branch.
3. Branch wise member declaration.
4. Branch wise service and plan.
5. Transfer member from one branch to another.

Feature 2

Member management helps to keep all member's data

Easily maintain details records of members including membership, sales and transaction.

1. Member detail information.
2.Track membership details of each member.
3. Add & Renew membership.
4. Active/Inactive Member

Feature 3

Point of Sale Keep all the sales records instantly

Tracking all the sales information is important for your business. GYM manager will help you to track those records.

1. Track all sales information.
2. Branch wise sales information.
3. Track member wise sales.
4. Track product wise sales.

Feature 4

Income & Expense Easy to manage

Tracking every income and expense is important for your business. that's why GYM Manager manage it easily.

1. Track every Income & expense.
2. Track category wise transaction.

Feature 5

Transaction Track all the financial transaction accurately

We track all member's transaction instantly to manage the business easily.

1. Track member registration transaction.
2. Track membership transaction.
3. Track POS payment transaction.

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