A2Z Manage


Better way to manage your organization.


Feature 1

Manage website by yourself

You can easily change the content of your website from admin panel.

Feature 2

Manage members without any hassle

Track all your member activities such as :
1. Member registration.
2. Member registration confirmation.
3. Activate member.
4. Deactivate member.
5. Change membership type of individual member.
6. Delete member.

Feature 3

Keep track of all transactions made by members

1. Registration fee.
2. Renewal fee.
3. Event registration fee.
4. Training/workshop registration fee.

Feature 4

You can create a committee with existing members

Feature 5

Manage all events, training & workshop of your organization

Feature 6

Reports that will help to reduce your workload

Feature 7

Mail broadcast - send mass mail to your member

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